Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

The meaning of a love poem that is sad and touching and Example of poems

Romantic Love Poems is a collection of short poems and short on love, various examples of romantic poems can be found here. True love is like aromatherapy mood so admire, make mood became homesick, the mood became so  jealous, but there are times when this scent into allergies, allergy to
everything like love and joy, turn it into sadness and anguish. Poems about love has always been the ornament anyone who is falling love, love message she who love thrilling, even only when contains a few words. Love that always fly with images forming stanzas of poetry, love increasingly blazed over a piece paper form poetry about love for you. True love will always be exists between sincerity and sincerity Puisi Cinta.

That piece of prose about love, although the themes raised about love is not always as exciting as falling in love poems, with prose these will hopefully be an inspiration in poetry, such as poems about long-distance love, forbidden love, Puisi Cinta  separation, love is not must have such as unrequited love, friends be love, love different religions and so on. Romantic works of Kahlil Gibran be required reading to broaden how to package a poem about love, besides not too upset, he was able to give a little abstract color inside

love, because love is the most natural thing encountered in human life. Humans as social beings would be required to interact with fellow beings, not infrequently these interactions give rise to special feelings, such as love. And those who are feeling the love must be willing to express his love, either directly or indirectly. There are different ways to express the feelings that we have, one of which is using love poems. Puisi cinta Love poems often become a new alternative. This is of course because poetry is not new and most people like it, especially if the theme used is love

Love Ikhlas
love like sea water that fills part of the contents of the earth ...
provide many lives ..
make people want to know ..
and each person must experience love ..

love the sincerity ..
love is the willingness ..
love is to understand each other ..
love is beautiful if we can put it in the best place in hati..jadikan love is beautiful in your heart ..
because love can be as beautiful as you want

"Edi I love you"
In all less and lebihmu
In begged on HIS name is always tucked kurindu

Inginku Mine Yourself
Too long I buried
All these flavors to you
Now I've had enough
I want you to know all ..
I first love
I first knew you
Instead he ..
Love it should be disclosed
Love it should have
No one will let go of you
High indeed my ego
But .. wish I had you ..
For the love that I buried the old t`lah
For the sake of replacing all the sacrifices
Sweet head that I do for you
You must be mine ..